He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

She has Nemo on her dress.

Violet has murder in her eyes. 
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Downtown today #toronto #girlsdayout #selfie #me ✨💁✋


i don’t give a fuck if this is an own goal iT’S A GOAL AND RIGHT NOW THAT’S ALL I CARE ABOUT

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The League is my family. I'll do what I must to protect it.
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In response to the tabloid article published earlier today, I urge you read this translation of a Chinese Sasaeng's account of what actually happened during Tao, Sehun and Suho's trip to Sanya during Chuseok holidays. She gives a full, detailed account of what happened, and also show us how dangerous and awful the situation was.


Even if you aren’t interested in this particular event, I urge you to read it, because it gives insight to the actions of Sasaengs and WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IT.

I don’t want to translate Sasaeng accounts or use their photos but I hope this will get the message across!!


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The floor is lava. [vid]

This is one of the best gifs

omfg I’ve only ever seen the end part of this gif this is amazing
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*wakes up at 9* nice

*immediately falls asleep, wakes up at noon* less nice